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    Please make sure you have the complete patch for The Sims 3 before using our Worlds.

    For more information about patching your game, advice for users who have been unable to patch or have invalid file errors:

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    There are a number of details given about each world to help you decide whether or not you wish to download it. You can also find general and technical information about our worlds here:

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  • There may be additional hidden lots which are used for the purposes of decorating the world or even housing some surprise adventures for your Sims.

    Higher numbers of spawners, tree clusters, effects and world decor demand more from your computer, and especially your graphics card, than one with few. The totals are marked in green, orange or red for low, medium or high. The quantities chosen for each group are based on extensive research and feedback other world builders have had from players.

    A world where the majority of these items are marked in orange and red, or just red will probably be unsuitable for computers which are close to or at the minimum system requirements for The Sims 3

    Each world is designed to avoid as many potential routing problems as possible. A routing problem means that Sims get stuck and cannot exit their current location until they are reset. This causes the game to lag, and will worsen the more Sims are affected. NPC Sims can get stuck in elevators and subways, which is why they too are listed in the information provided. The fewer there are of these, the lower the chance of Sims becoming stuck (and fewer stuck Sims) therefore hopefully less game lag.

    Bugs & Crashes

    The worlds you'll find here have been tested thoroughly but worlds are very complex items. It is always possible that a problem or two has slipped through, hopefully these are trivial, but if you do find something serious please let us know:

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  • Please note ALL worlds are prone to break at some point, including the ones that ship with the game. A catastrophic failure may well be due to a game bug, corrupt cache or script files, it might be caused by other custom content you've installed, or be broken by a newly released game patch.

    The following external links are recommended for general problems with The Sims 3:

  • Sims Wiki: Technical & Graphics Issues
  • Sims Wiki: Crashing Check List
  • We also suggest looking at using some of the mods provided by NRaaS Industries.

    There are a selection of global mods which tune how the game handles a huge number of things, everything from Story Progression, to tidying up the cars that spawn on community parking spots (Overwatch). There are a some which particularly help with the diagnosis and prevention of game crashes for the more technically minded player, to extend the lifespan of your current game.

  • NRaaS Industries
  • Westerberg: 89.32 MB
    Visit my Studio Created by Kate




    World Type

    Large Late Night City


    "A large and diverse city sprawling across four islands, each with it's own distinct history, culture and problems. This world requires at least 2Gb of free system memory to run."

    Custom Content

    This lot contains custom content by these creators:

  • Kate
  • Kate
  • Kate
  • Christing
  • Custom Objects


    Tree Clusters


    Seed Spawners


    Custom Patterns


    World Decor


    Bug & Butterfly Spawners


    Custom Walls & Floors




    Fishing Spawners


    Residential Houses


    Subway Stations


    Gem & Metal Spawners


    Residential Apartments


    Number of Sims


    Meteor Spawners


    Community Lots


    Number of Effects


    Junk Spawners


    Empty Lots


    Sunrise Time


    Sunset Time


    Photo Gallery

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