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To install these items please see the following topic:

  • Adding Downloads To Your Game
  • It is recommended that you use the Clean Pack Installer to correctly install lots with custom content. For more information please read the information provided in the links below:

  • Sims 2 Houses: Extra Information
  • Clean Pack Installer Website
  • Included Objects

    If you download a house that contains custom furniture you will need to install the CEP:

  • CEP from Mod The Sims
  • Faerie Frolic: 9.91 MB
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    This lot contains custom content by these creators:

  • Parsimonious
  • Lethe_S
  • Crowridge Studio
  • Marvine
  • The Sims 2 Official
  • roddyaleixo
  • Piggi's Sims
  • Parsimonious
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